Who should attend?

Staff to be assigned with evidence of forensic science.

Benefit to your business:

It ensures that the validity of the evidence obtained in the event of any violation is reported unchanged and presented to judicial authorities.

Course structure:

  • Digital evidence and computer forensic,
  • Procedures for confiscation and image copying of digital evidence,
  • Computer Forensic laboratories,
    • Tools used in forensic science examinations;
    • Hardware,
    • Software,
    • Methods.
  • What can be detected in laboratory tests?
  • Inspection of hard disks,
  • How to write and delete data on hard disks?
  • Permanent delete (wipe) applications,
    • Data recovery;
    • How to recover deleted information,
    • Recover data from deleted partition,
    • After format recovery,,
    • Recovering deleted data after deletion command,
  • Detection of cloaked information,
  • Detection of encrypted information,
  • Detection of correspondence records from social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Msn and so on.
    • Mobile phones and forensic analysis;
    • Call records,
    • Images taken with a mobile phone,
    • Determining which phone the picture was taken with,
    • Recovering deleted sound recordings,
    • Detection of SIM cards inserted in the past for a mobile phone,

      Optical media (CD-DVD) and forensic examinations;
    • The date of creation of the CD,
    • Recovering deleted records from CD,
    • Data recovery from CDs,

      Time-Date inspection in digital records;
    • What does the files' date-time information mean?
    • Is it possible to change/to be changed file date/time?
    • How reliable is the file date-time?
    • What is the proof power of date-time information in computer environment?

  • Recovering records of past and deleted items from the media like Msn, facebook etc.
  • Examination of memory cards,
    • Metadata review;
    • Inspection of a document from the printer, examination of the time of receipt,
    • With which brand-model machine a picture is taken, where the information is pulled,
    • Detection of the user profile information that originally created a file,
    • Windows registry review;
    • Detecting USB sticks inserted in the computer,
    • The list of recently searched words,

      Computer Forensic with Encase;
    • Internet banking fraud,
    • Credit fraud,
    • Insults, swearing, threats, blackmail through information systems,
    • Copy software, breach of intellectual property rights,
    • Violation of the privacy of private life,
    • Publication of personal data on the Internet,
    • Unauthorized access to information systems and disruption of information systems,
    • Child pornography on the Internet,
    • Seizing of msn, facebook, e-mail accounts belonging to others,
    • Falsification through information systems,
    • Identification of sites and resources with crime content
    • IP detection and reaching the person,

  • Informatics expert reports and credibility.
  • Course duration:

    5 days